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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Cheshire: Offerton Devils

About the team

Team was originally formed in 1953.

Track was behind Banks Lane School, Banks Lane, on St Thomas's Recreation Park, Hempshaw Lane, Stockport.

Track surface was earth, Length 73 yds, Grade 3.

Club Secretary: Vic Hinchliffe, 547 Stockport Road, Lower Bredbury, Nr Stockport, Cheshire.

Raced in the Manchester, Stockport & District League 1950s & 60s(Div 1 & 2).

Raced in the Northern Premier League Div 1.

Raced in the Manchester League Div 1.

Raced in the Manchester Junior League.

The Junior Riders raced in the Manchester Winter 'Satellite' League(South) 1962/63 & 1963/64.

Forerunners of the Stockport Club.

Raced in an all black mode of dress.

Club disbanded at the end of 1956, with many of the riders joining the Wilmslow Hammers.

At the begining of 1961 the club was reformed by Derek Garnett & Vic Hinchliffe.

Track Dimensions: 78yards x 4yards, red shale surface(1978).

Club Manager: David Reid, 28 Corringham Road, Levenshulme, Manchester 19(1978).

Assistant Manager: Brian Beresford(1978).

Individual Honours.

1954 Derek Garnett won the Manchester Junior Individual Championship.

1954/55/56 Derek Garnett won the Cheshire Individual Championship.

1954 Derek Garnett was Match Race Champion.

1955 Derek Garnet came =3rd in National Individual Final.

1956 Derek Garnett represented England.

1959 Vic Hinchliffe won the Manchester Individual Final.

1960 Vic Hinchliffe won the Manchester Individual Final.

1960 Derek Garnett won the Stockport "Open" Individual Champs.

1961 Vic Hinchliffe(14) won British Individual Championship at Manor Way Rec, Uxbridge, equal 2nd Derek Garnett(12) Offerton, and Dave Chivers(12) Raynes Park.There was no run-off as both riders declined the offer.

1961 Vic Hinchliffe(14)won the Manchester Individual at Wilmslow, runner up was Brian Robinson(12) from Openshaw, 3rd after a three man run-off was J. Bartholomew(Gorton), 4th Brian Moston(Carrswood), 5th John Watling(Gorton), all three having scored 11 points.

1961 Derek Garnett(14) won the Stockport "Open", runner up was Vic Hinchliffe(13), 3rd John Darling(12) from Longsight.

1961 Derek Garnett won the "Arne Pander" Trophy at Drayton St Leonards after a three way run off. Runner up was Brian Moston, and third was Vic Hinchliffe, all riders having scored 14 points.

1961 Eric Fletcher(15) won the Stockport Junior Champs, runner up Stafford(13) of Bredbury, 3rd R. Fairclough(12) of Bredbury.

1962 Derek Garnett(11) won the English Final of the World Championship at Uxbridge. After a three man run-off, Mike Parkins came runner up, with Mike Cockroft 3rd, and Vic Hinchliffe 4th, all riders having scored 10 points. Derek Garnett fell in his 2nd race and scored no points, but still won the meeting with the lowest ever score.

1962 Derek Garnett(13) won the Champion of Champions at Garratt Park, runner up was Brian Moston(11), and  3rd after a run-off was Dave Chivers(10) with Mick Jeffery in 4th place after falling on the first bend in the run-off.

1962 Derek Garnett(15) won the Stockport "Open" for the 3rd consecutive time, runner up was Vic Hinchliffe(14), 3rd Mike Cockroft(Yorkshire).

1962 Derek Garnett won the "Autumn Grand Prix" at Drayton St Leonards.

1962 Vic Hinchliffe came runner up in National Individual Final.

1962 Vic Hinchliffe(14) won the Manchester Individual, runner up was John Watling(Gorton) after a run-off with Derek Garnett, both riders scoring 13 points.

1962 Eric Fletcher(15) won the Cheshire Junior Individual at Carrs Wood, runner up was C. Brecknall(13) from Wilmslow.

1963 Derek Garnett(13) won British Individual Championship at Slater Street, Leicester, runner up John Watling(11) Gorton, 3rd Colin Wheeler(11) Southampton.

1963 Derek Garnett won the "Autumn Grand Prix" at Drayton St Leonards.

1963 Vic Hinchliffe won the Gazette Cup at Spencer Park, Coventry scoring 13 points. Runner up was Dennis Howard(Norfolk) on 11 points, and 3rd was Joe Bailey on 10 points. Dennis Howard was a late replacement for the defending champion Mike Parkins, who was injured.

1963 Vic Hinchliffe won the Manchester Grand Prix.

1963 Dave Hatton(14) won the Stockport Junior Campionship at Stockport, runner up J. Hughes(13) of the Diamonds, 3rd B. Shaw(11) from the Beavers.

1964 Derek Garnett and Vic Hinchcliffe were joint winners of the 'Rider of the Year', a competition run by the Cycle Speedway Annual, runner-up was Mike Parkins of Norwich Stars, with third place taken by Clive Hurrell of Hellesdon Lions.

1964 Vic Hinchliffe(14) won British Individual Championship at Morden Park, Surrey(2nd time), runner up Derek Garnett(11) Offerton Devils, 3rd Pete Bury(11) Gorton Pirates.

1964 Derek Garnett(14) won the Midland Open Championship at Perry Hall, Birmingham. Runner-up was John Smith(13) from Keresley, with Arthur Price(12) from Wolverhampton in 3rd place, and Roger Ellis(11) from Kingstanding 4th.

1964 Derek Garnett(12) won the Cycle Speedway Gazette Cup after a run-off with Vic Hinchcliffe(runner-up) and Ray Lewis(Earlsdon Hammers).

1964 Derek Garnett(14) won the Midland Open Championship, runner-up was John Smith(13) of Keresley Cobras, 3rd was Alan Price(12) of Wolverhampton Wolves. 

1964 Derek Garnett(13) won the Southend Golden Jubilee Grand Prix, runner-up was Vic Hinchcliffe(12) of Offerton Devils, 3rd was Ken Adcock(11) of Norwich Stars.

1964 Tony Hardy(13) won the Berkshire Grand Prix, with Vinny Marsland(11) in 2nd place after a run-off with John Watling, both riders from Gorton Pirates.

1964 Tony Hardy(15 max) won the Manchester Junior Individual Championship at High Bank, runner-up Gerald Young(Ashton), 3rd Joe Hatton(National Junior Champion).

1964 Vic Hinchcliffe(15 max) won the Manchester Grand Prix, runner-up was Clive Hurrell(12) of Hellesdon Lions, 3rd was Vinny Marsland(11) of Gorton Pirates, after a run-off with Pete Bury and Ray Lewis.

1964 Vic Hinchcliffe(14) won the Drayton Autumn Grand Prix, runner-up was Derek Garnett(12) after a run-off with Pete Allen(Kingstanding Monarchs).

1964 Vic Hinchliffe won the Cheshire Senior Individual, with Derek Garnett runner-up one point behind.

1965 Derek Garnett(15 max) won British Individual Championship at Brookside Road, Gatley, Cheadle, Cheshire(2nd time), runner up John Watling(12) Gorton, 3rd Clive Hurrell(11) Hellesdon.

1965 Derek Garnett(12) won a three man run-off to win the London Grand Prix at Tottenham. Runner up was John Cobbin, and 3rd was Dave Collins. Equal 4th were Ray Chivers and Colin Wheeler, who both scored 11 points.

1968 Derek Garnett(13) won British Individual Championship at War Memorial Ground, Hungerford(3rd time), runner up Rod Mills(12) Southampton, 3rd John Whiting(10) Blackley).

1969 Vic Hinchliffe won the Stockport Open Trophy at Offerton with 14 points, 2nd was John Watling(12) and 3rd was John Watchman, after a run-off with Tony Hardy and Tom Daly(all scoring 11 points).

1969 Derek Garnett & Tony Hardy won the Manchester, Stockport & Districts 21st Anniversary Pairs Event with 22 points, runners-up were John Watling(Denton) & Joe Bailey(Carrs Wood) on 19 points, 3rd were Ray Burrows & Don Williams(Openshaw) with 14 points.

1971 Derek Garnett came 3rd in National Individual.

1972 Derek Garnett(15 max) won British Individual Championship at Ivy House, Halifax(4th time), runner up Kevin Greenhalgh(13) Blackley, 3rd John Watling(13) Denton.

1972 Kevin Greenhalgh won the City & County Trophy at Bristol.

1972 John White won the Berkshire Senior Grand Prix at Hungerford after a run-off with Tony Johnson(Tolworth), both riders scoring 13 points. 3rd place went to Rob Hemming(Earlsdon) with 11 points.

1972 George Russell won the Berkshire Junior Grand Prix at Hungerford with a 15 point max, runner up was Dave Wells(Horspath) with 13 points, 3rd was Roger Farrell(Gorton Diamonds) on 12 points.

1973 Kevin Greenhalgh won the City & County Trophy at Bristol, after a run off in torrential rain against Tam Low(Bristol) at Bristol, both riders scoring 19 points. 3rd was John Watchman(16) from Denton. 

1973 Kevin Greenhalgh(13) won British Individual Championship at Ashmore Park, Wednesfield(2nd time), runner up Geoff Patman(13) Bristol, 3rd Tam Low(13) Bristol.

1974 Kevin Greenhalgh(12) won British Individual Championship at Sloughbottom Park, Norwich(3rd time), runner up Derek Knight(12) Bournemouth, 3rd Mike Parkins(12) Spixworth, 4th Fred Rothwell(12) Woodside.

Team Honours.

1954 Won the Cheshire County Team Championship.

1962 National Senior Team Champions, beating Tatnum Tigers(Dorset) 58 - 37 at Hungerford, Berks.

1962 won the North of England Trophy, beating Gorton 56 - 40.

1962 won the K.O. Trophy, beating Openshaw in the Final 60 - 48.

1962 won the Machester League Div 1, runners up Gorton, who they beat in their very last match 52 - 44.

1962 won the Junior League Trophy, runners up Openshaw.

1964 National Senior Team Champions, beating Uxbridge Pirates (Middlesex) 52 - 44 at Raynes Park, Surrey.

1964 Manchester League Champions and Knock Out Cup Winners.

1965 National Senior Team Champions, beating Scotlands Sighthill Hammers 50 - 46 at Carrs Wood, Cheshire.

1965 won the Southend Fours scoring 25 points, runners-up Galley Pirates 19, 3rd Hungerford Panthers 16, 4th Estuary Eagles 15.

1966 won the Southend Fours at Estuary, beating Estuary in the final 26 - 16.

1968 National Junior Team Champions, beating Newham Hammers (Essex)  49 - 28 at Hungerford, Berks.

1969 National Senior Team Champions, beating Leicester Monarchs 53 - 43 at Carrswood, Cheshire.

1969 National Junior Team Champions, beating Woodside Diamonds (Yorks) 57 - 21 at Carrswood, Cheshire.

1970 National Junior Team Champions, beating Whitley Rangers(Warks) 45 - 33 at Leicester.

1972 National Senior Team Champions, beating Blackley Monarchs 51 - 43 at Ivy House, Halifax, Yorks.

1973 National Senior Team Champions, beating Denton Pirates(Man) 59 - 49 at Thurrock, Essex.


  • Joe Bailey
  • Keith Bass
  • Dave Berrisford
  • Brian Berrisford
  • Moss Bevin(capt)
  • R. Blomeley
  • .... Bond
  • John Bower
  • .... Brindley
  • K. Broomhead
  • B. Card
  • D. Cartwright
  • John Chapman
  • .... Clews
  • .... Cole
  • Phil Collister
  • .... Cropper
  • .... Crowe
  • A. Daniels
  • Larry Davenport
  • A. Fantom
  • Frank Finnigan
  • Eric Fletcher
  • Derek Garnett(capt)
  • G. Gilbert
  • Kevin Greenhalgh(1973 +)
  • P. Groom
  • P. Hardy
  • Tony Hardy
  • Dave Hatton
  • D. Heath
  • S. Henderson
  • Vic Hinchliffe
  • F. Hoath
  • Paul Jones
  • D. Kenworthy
  • Mick Keyworth
  • Tommy Lawton
  • Landon Leach
  • Geoff Lydiate
  • Angus McKenzie
  • .... Oldfield
  • Tony Pashley
  • W. Pendleton
  • N. Rawlinson
  • B. Reid
  • David Reid
  • B. Roberts
  • N. Rawlinson
  • Robert Ross
  • George Russell
  • Terry Scales
  • A. Seaton
  • Dave Seppman
  • Paul Smith
  • B. Stringer
  • I. Turner
  • John White
  • K. Williams
  • G. Wilson
  • A "Sparky" Wright


  • Derek Garnett
  • Kevin Greenhalgh
  • P. Mills(capt)
  • George Russell
  • John White