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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Cheshire: Stockport CSC

About the team

Track was in St Thomas's Recreation Ground, Stockport.

General Manager: Alan Taylor.

Club Honours.

The 1986 British Senior Individual Final was held at St Thomas's Recreation Ground, Stockport. The Referee was Mr Rob Dyer(Hampshire). The winner was Dennis Hubble(Thurrock) after a run-off with Tim Snook(Ipswich) 2nd and Jim Varnish(Birmingham) 3rd, all three riders having scored 16 points. Other scorers: Roger Ellis(Wednesfield) 15, Paul Ogden(Tameside) 15, Paul Shipley(Sandwell) 15, Tony Birch(East London) 12, Brian Eaton(Tameside) 12, Steve Harris(Swindon) 12, Allan Miller(Bristol) 12, Andy Goodrick(Thurrock) 11, Martyn Hepworth(Weymouth) 11, John Goodyear(Ipswich) 10, Ade Gale(Poole) 9, Les Bowden(Manchester) 6, Mark Hammersley(Tameside) 6.

The 1986 British Under 18 Individual Final was held at St Thomas's Recreation Ground. The Referee was Mr Dave Hunting(Suffolk). The winner was Martin Gale(Poole) with 19 points, runner-up was Lee Williams(Bristol St George) on 18 points, 3rd was Graham Whitfield(Basildon-Essex) after a run-off with Shaun Brame(Great Blakenham-Suffolk), both riders scoring 17 points. Other scorers: Martin Ascroft(Whitley-Warks) 15, Mike Hall(Leicester) 13, Dave Hemsley(Leicester) 12, Andy Palmer(Wednesfield) 12, Pete Young(Tameside-Manchester) 12, Dave Eustace(Morden-Surrey) 10, Paul Graham(Chesham-Manchester) 10, Craig Harcourt(Sandwell-West Midlands) 10, Andy Melbourne(Wednesfield) 10, Alan Parkins(Norwich) 10, Victor Brooks(Ipswich-Suffolk) 8, Julian Wray(Horspath-Oxford) 5.

The 1996 British Under 22 Individual Final was held at St Thomas's Recreation Ground. The Referee was Mr John Whiting(Greater Manchester). The winner was Andrew Jackson on a 20 point maximum. Runner-up was Chris Wheatley(Sandwell-West Midlands) with 18 points, 3rd was Lee Aris(Wednesfield) after a run-off with Chris Finnigan(Stockport-Cheshire) 4th, and Craig Marchant(Leicester) 5th, after all three riders had scored 15 points. Other scorers: Stephen Ward(Stockport) 14, Shaun Ellis(Wednesfield) 14, Phil Sharples(Stockport) 13, Geoff Farrell(Tameside-Manchester) 12, Phil Moreton(Astley & Tyldesley-Manchester) 12, Craig Nash(Swindon) 12, Chris Layden(Heckmondwike-West Yorks) 11, Chris Gunkel(Hawbush-Essex) 7, Matthew Bloxham(Hawbush) 7, Kraig Garland(Tameside) 7, Leon Yelland(Norwich) 6.

Speedway Riders.

Andrew Jackson rode speedway.



  • Stuart Aspin
  • Jason Burke
  • C. Davis
  • Chris Finnigan(1992)
  • Frank Finnigan
  • Kraig Garland(1992)
  • Derek Garnett
  • D. Gragg
  • Andrew Jackson(till 1990)
  • Graham Johnston
  • Mike Lee(1987)
  • Dave Morgan
  • Lee Morgan
  • Terry Norman
  • Phil Sharples
  • Phil Taylor
  • Pete Ward
  • Stephen Ward(1990)
  • Mark Waters
  • B. Wheatley
  • Mark Williams
  • P. Williams
  • R. Williams