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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Avon: Hengrove Pirates

About the team

First track was on the gravel car park of the Bristol Bulldogs Speedway Track.

Second track was on the grass car park using the bare earth shape left by the fairground dodgem track.

Third track was built on waste ground at Gilda Crescent.

Breastplates were blue with a white skull and crossbones, these being cadged from the Poole Pirates Speedway Team.

Club Secretary: D. Beaumont, 9 Redding Road, Eastville, Bristol 5(1960s).


  • Peter Beament
  • Roger Blaket
  • T. Denham
  • Pete Eyres
  • Keith Harris
  • A. Pullinger
  • Richard Salway
  • Clive Senior
  • Phil Sposito
  • Barry Sullivan
  • Paul Webb
  • Johnnie Wright