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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

London South East: Peckham Stars

About the team.

Formed in 1947.

1st track was in East Surrey Grove, Peckham SE15

2nd track was in Wyndham Road, Camberwell SE5(approx 1950), sharing this track with Ruskin Flyers.

Raced in the First Round of the "World" Cup in 1949, beating Ruskin Flyers(London South East) 67.5 - 28.5 in the 1st leg. Top Scoers: Ray Braddon 14, Cyril Buckingham 12.

Original team raced in the South East London League 1950.

Team were kicked out of this league and raced in the Hertfordshire League 1956.

After this joined the New Middlesex League.

Club President:  Bill Longley(New Cross & Australian International Speedway Rider).

Club Managers:  Mr H.E. Denny, Mick Denny & Bernard Billes.

Bernard Billes was an undertaker, and team meetings were often held amongst the coffins in the funeral parlour.

Club Treasurer:  Mr H. Braddon

Club Secretary: Councillor H.J. Hasler, 20 Kirkwood Road, SE15.

Club Secretary:  Mr G. Shepherd, 44 Meeting House Lane, Peckham SE15.

Club Secretary:  Mr H. Brand, 127 Sumner Road.

News Report(Daily Mirror February 26th 1951):

Skid kids' sport is menaced--they are asked to pay rates, tax.

Cycle speedway teams--youngsters who race on blitz sites and have become known as "skid-kids"--face a threat to their sport which may make it difficult for them to carry on. Two teams, the Peckham Stars and Ruskin Flyers, who race on a blitz site in South London, have been presented with a bill for £12 as rates for the site. And in future they will have to pay £1 a week for rates and Schedule "A" tax. Since the clubs' only income is from collections which net less than £1 a week, the skid-kids may have to close down. The National Amateur Cycle Speedway Association has been asked to fight the case because it is thought that other teams may soon have the same problem. Trouble is a fence which the two teams put up round the bombed site of a church school in Camberwell, S.E.  Councillor Henry Hasler, chairman of the South-East London Cycle Speedway Control Board, said last night: "As soon as we did that last September our bomb site became rateable. Even if we took the fence down right away we would still have to pay the rates of £6 a quarter. The Inland Revenue are responsible for rating and valuation and they wrote to the Control Board and told us we would have to pay the money. And as soon as we were rated another branch of Inland Revenue were hot on our trail--the Income Tax authorities. They said that because the site was rateable it was 'beneficially occupied'. And they said we had to pay income tax. The youngsters have built up this sport by themselves and it will be a tragedy if taxation forces them to drop it. Many will return to wandering the streets as they did before".   

Club Honours.

Reached the Cycle Speedway World Cup Final in 1949, losing out over two legs to Stratford Hammers. Beat Teddington Tigers in the semi-final.

At Easter 1950, a Newcastle Test Team rode against the South East London Test Team, one of the matches taking place at the Peckham Stars track. Newcastle were soundly beaten over the 3 match series.


In 1949 Ray Braddon was the cheery cockney who was affectionately known as "Mr Maximum" of South East London. He scored no less than 26 maximums from his last 42 matches, and gained the fantastic average of 13.34 in the Speedway World Cup matches. He dropped only four points over the two legs of the final, and this against the very powerful Stratford Hammers.


  • John Atkinson(post 1954)
  • Roy Austin
  • Pete Bailey
  • Harry Ball(capt)
  • Ray Braddon
  • Henry Brand
  • Cyril Buckingham
  • Bernie Cable
  • Lou Cruse
  • Dennis Daniel
  • Johnny Dryden(post 1954)
  • Peter Dryden(post 1954)
  • Denny England(post 1950)
  • Gussie Greenwood
  • Gordon Heard(post 1950)
  • Norman Heard(post 1950)
  • Stan Hebditch
  • Terry Highfield(post 1950)
  • Brian Jarrett
  • Ronnie Jarrett
  • Tommy Jarrett
  • Jim King(post 1953)
  • Ernie Lawson(post 1953)
  • B. Leach(post 1953)
  • G. Leach(capt B Team)(p 1953)
  • Pete Mason(post 1953)
  • Horry Moore
  • Spud Murphy
  • Don Ross
  • Peter Smith
  • George Stradwick
  • Vic Winter